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Orientation to Graduation:

Stories & Advice from a Real College Student

Austin Helms

My parents and I at graduation
Toby and I "stunting"
Yes, I was wearing a diaper.
Dad and I visit Twitter!
Go Heels! Go Body Paint!
My first trip out of the USA!
Post-beating Duke (bad guys)
Roy (6'8''), Sam, myself, and Bri
Sophomore Year. Ft pop-ups
March Madness!
1st dorm room!
Roy Williams Bball Camp Staff
The crew.
The cheerleader asked me to dress up
Oh what happens at Granny's!
Jamaica moves post-grad!
Go Heels! #DirtyMrytle
Not going to lie, I was so scared.
Senior Bar Golf. Eagles only.
Texas moves with a Nebraskan.
Front-row freshman year.
First, last day of class. Woah
Waterless Buddy's. Forever
Charlotte boys.
LDOC Senior Year
Pasta Parties

College isn’t easy, yet college is one of the most unique life experiences that a young person will ever have. Orientation to Graduation is meant to give students a glimpse of what the college experience is all about, from all angles. Every single day a student is in college, they have the chance to make the most of their experience, no matter the situation, no matter their background. College should leaving you saying "oh my" everyday a student leaves their dorm room!

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