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Orientation to Graduation

College isn’t easy, yet college is one of the most unique life experiences that a young person will ever have.
Orientation to Graduation is meant to give students a glimpse of what the college experience is all about, from all angles. Every single day a student is in college, they have the chance to make the most of their experience, no matter the situation, no matter their background. College should leaving you saying "oh my" everyday a student leaves their dorm room!


Version 1

I graduated college in 2016 and decided to write a book all about my college experience. College allowed me to turn my dreams into realities, make life long friends and make memories that will last a lifetime.

My college experience got me to say "oh my" more times then I could count. It was an incredible experience and I want it to be an incredible experience for you too. 


Version 2

I realized after publishing the first version of Orientation to Graduation that my college journey only was only from my perspective. I wanted to find someone else to re-write the book, but with an entirely new perspective.


Savannah Putnam, is a 2019 college graduate from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She is the epitome of a successful college student. From being a sister in Alpha Chi Omega to the Student Body President of the university, She made the most of every second of college.

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