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"Success is defined by impact.
Not dollars. That's how I am pursuing each endeavor I launch." 

My Story

When I was seven years old, I became an entrepreneur. I sold candy out of a shoebox at my sister’s basketball games in the great city of Valdese, NC. Back then, life was simpler. I was selling fun size Snickers for $.10, my COGS were free, my dad bought the candy, and my mom drove to the game, all I had to do was hustle.


Shortly after starting Austin’s Candy Store, an entrepreneur was born - you name it, I started it.

A bow and arrow business, Austin’s Amazing Car Wash, lawncare, vending machines, t shirt sales, video production, advertisement sales, the list goes on and on.


There wasn’t a small business I wouldn’t start.


Folks have asked me ‘why’ did I become an entrepreneur and it wasn't until recently did I discover my answer.

  1. My parents have always encouraged me. “Austin you can do anything you want to do.” My family never discouraged me, only encouraged. They dropped me off at their friends’ homes to wash their cars, they bought the candy, and they made deliveries anytime I needed something.

  2. I didn’t want anyone to tell me “I couldn’t” do something. All good salespeople love being told no, it’s only motivation to find that one person that will say YES.

Success is defined by impact - not dollars. That is how I am pursing each endeavor I launch - to make an impact. 

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